Mark Lanegan Band: Phantom Radio

Mark Lanegan Band - Phantom Radio (2014)

Now aged 50, American alt-rock singer songwriter Mark Lanegan is an extremely prolific recording artist and attempting to frame his musical output in terms of style relating to a particular period in his discography would inevitably lead to over … [Read more]

Arcade Fire & Owen Pallett: Her

Her (2013)

A lonely professional letter writer going through a difficult divorce process, Theodore (Joachim Phoenix) falls in love with “Samantha”, an artificially intelligent Operating System (OS1) voiced by Scarlett Johansson. Written and directed by American … [Read more]

9Bach: Tincian

9Bach - Tincian (2014)

From North Wales, 9Bach is a contemporary folk band formed in 2005 by singer-songwriter Lisa Jên and guitar player Martin Hoyland. Following up on a first self-titled collection of traditional folk songs in 2009, always singing in the Welsh language … [Read more]

Metá Metá: Metal Metal

Metá Metá: Metal Metal (2012/2014)

From São Paulo in Brazil, Metá Metá is a jazz fusion band formed in 2007 around the core trio of Juçara Marçal (vocals), Kiko Dinucci (guitar & vocals) [both of whom collaborated on the 2008 album Padê] and Thiago França (saxophone & flute). … [Read more]

Islands of Light: Ruebke

Islands of Light - Ruebke (2014)

Currently based in Vienna, Dino Spiluttini is an independent electronic musician, label owner and freelance graphic and web designer. Over the years, the artist has been involved in a multitude of projects and remixes under several different monikers … [Read more]

Birds on a Wire

Birds on a Wire - Rosemary Standley & Dom la Nena (2014)

Birds on a Wire is an enchanting voice and cello duo formed by French-American singer Rosemary Standley (with multinational France-based alt-folk band Moriarty) and young Brazilian singer, songwriter and cellist Dominique Pinto aka Dom la Nena. … [Read more]