Birds on a Wire

Birds on a Wire - Rosemary Standley & Dom la Nena (2014)

Birds on a Wire is an enchanting voice and cello duo formed by French-American singer Rosemary Standley (with multinational France-based alt-folk band Moriarty) and young Brazilian singer, songwriter and cellist Dominique Pinto aka Dom la Nena. … [Read more]

Julia Kent: Character

Julia Kent - Character (2013)

Having collaborated, recorded and toured with many artists including Antony & the Johnsons and a former member of cello-driven indie-rock band Rasputina (with Zoë Keating), Vancouver-born and New-York-based cellist Julia Kent launched her own … [Read more]

Winston McAnuff & Fixi: A New Day

Winston McAnuff & Fixi - A New Day (2013/2014)

Since 2006, veteran Jamaican singer songwriter Winston McAnuff (b. 1957) and French musician and producer François-Xavier Bossard (aka Fixi) have established a rare yet splendid musical partnership which sees the duo fuse roots reggae music with … [Read more]

Markéta Irglová: Muna

Markéta Irglová: Muna (2014)

At the young age of 26, Czech-born singer songwriter Markéta Irglová’s artistic achievement to date is truly remarkable. Between acting in and co-writing the score for the superb 2007 indie surprise hit Once and its subsequent stage adaptation, … [Read more]

Bruno Bavota: The Secret of the Sea

Bruno Bavota - The Secret of the Sea (2014)

Italian modern classical composer Bruno Bavota (b. 1984) is a "late bloomer" when it comes to music.  “The attraction to music came “only” at the age of twenty” says the Neapolitan musician. Learning to play the guitar first, Bavota then switched to … [Read more]

GoGo Penguin: v2.0

GoGo Penguin - v2.0 (2014)

GoGo Penguin is a young Manchester-based jazz trio comprised of Chris Illingworth (piano), Nick Blacka (bass) and Rob Turner (drums). Released on 17th February 2014 last on Gondwana Records, v2.0 is the band’s second album which, like a software … [Read more]