Dom la Nena: Ela

Dom la Nena - Ela (2013)

Instantly adding to the canon of poems and songs in Spanish dealing with exile and the constant dream for a return home, "Golondrina" (the swallow) is an original composition by the-then-24 year old Brazilian singer songwriter Dom la Nena. The title … [Read more]

Ergodos Musicians: Songs

Ergodos Musicians - Songs (2014)

Introduced as a “record about our love of the song, the most constant of musical forms”, Songs (2014) by Ergodos Musicians is a delightful project exploring the shared dynamics between music composition and improvisation, word and music settings, … [Read more]

Bombino: Nomad

Bombino - Nomad (2013)

Produced by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys, Tuareg musician Bombino’s third solo album Nomad (2013) is a testament to the constant cross-pollination taking place between modern African and Western music.  Born in Niger in 1980, Omara “Bombino” Moctar … [Read more]

Arve Henriksen: Places of Worship

Arve Henriksen - Places of Worship (2013)

A founding member of free improvised and electronic music quartet/trio Supersilent, Norwegian trumpet player Arve Henriksen is also a prolific artist as a leader...and a personal favourite on Spellbinding Music (see previous posts on Migration and … [Read more]