Omer Avital: New Song

Omer Avital - New Song (2014)

Born in Israel and primarily influenced by the music of Duke Ellington or Charles Mingus, composer and double bass player Omer Avital moved to New-York in 1992 where he became a regular at Greenwhich Village’s Smalls Jazz Club. Establishing himself … [Read more]

Julien Marchal: Insight LP

Julien Marchal - Insight LP (2015)

Introduced by the French pianist, composer and sound designer living in Bordeaux as a project entirely based on sound whereby “the aesthetical sound is more important than the musical style”, Julien Marchal’s Insight LP was self-released on Bandcamp … [Read more]

Seán Mac Erlaine: A Slender Song

Seán Mac Erlaine - A Slender Song (2014)

Currently involved in a multitude of projects - with contemporary folk band This Is How We Fly or with Cork-based experimental group Quiet Music Ensemble among others - Dublin-based woodwind instrumentalist Seán Mac Erlaine has also been devoting … [Read more]

Anouar Brahem: Souvenance

Anouar Brahem - Souvenance (2015)

Since the late 1980s and through an impeccable discography with the Munich-based ECM Record Label, Tunisian oud master Anouar Brahem has been flirting with jazz improvisation, fusion, modern classical or chamber music while recording solo, with small … [Read more]

The Unthanks: Mount the Air

The Unthanks - Mount the Air (2015)

Two years in the making, the newly-released album by British contemporary folk band The Unthanks is a majestic collection. If all the lyrics are still curated from old poetry and song collections, learnt from other singers or newly written in the … [Read more]