Ane Brun is a Norwegian singer and songwriter based in Sweden since 2001. Since the international release of her début album in 2003, the singer has been charming audiences worldwide with her distinctive and almost theatrical voice. Ane Brun is also without question an incredibly gifted artist when it comes to covering songs. Over the last ten years, she has stripped down, performed and recorded very subtle versions of Alphaville’s Big in Japan, Björk’s Jóga or Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good” (in her upcoming “Songs 2003-2013”).

“The Dancer” is also the cover of a song written by indie rock singer P.J Harvey. It was originally released as the last track on Harvey’s 1995 album To Bring you my Love. Ane Brun’s sublime cover is perhaps more based on P.J. Harvey’s acoustic version of the song which was (unofficially) released the same year. Accompanied by a string quintet, “The Dancer” is available on Live in Scandinavia (2007).

Ane Brun Live
Ane Brun – Live in Scandinavia (2007)