Self-taught on the guitar, Malian singer songwriter Boubacar Traoré’s unique style is mainly based on the playing of the kora, the 21-string west-African harp. Having also integrated in his technique phrases and inflections from the Mississipi Delta bluesmen, Boubacar Traoré is, along with the late Ali Farka Touré, one of the leading exponents of the “desert blues” style.

Boubacar Traoré - Mali Denhou (2011)
Boubacar Traoré – Mali Denhou (2011)

The musician’s strong leaning towards African blues is very much in evidence in his latest recording Mali Denhou (2011) where he partnered with French harmonica player Vincent Bucher on every track. Both musicians met in the mid-1990s at a blues music festival in Canada and have toured and recorded together on a regular basis ever since.

Boubacar Traoré carries with him all the beauty of African blues.  A diamond among the jewels of Mandingo music, he shines with the dark glow of exceptional purity. World

Boubacar Traoré and Vincent Bucher form an ideal partnership and are a joy to watch in a live setting. From Mali Denhou, “Mondeou” comes across as a genuine and spirited performance from two masters of their craft.