A new song by Cesária Évora is certainly a good excuse to open the floodgates of nostalgia! The Cape Verdean singer passed away in December 2011 after a very successful “late” international career. The singer was 47 when she recorded her first breakthrough album La Diva Aux Pieds Nus in 1988. Her record company has just announced the release of Mãe Carinhosa, a posthumous collection of unreleased songs.

Césaria Evora
Césaria Evora – Mãe Carinhosa (2013)

From the first bars of the song, it soon becomes obvious “Mãe Carinhosa” is a quintessential Cesária Évora tune. The cavaquinho, the bouncy piano and the singer’s deep soulful voice all conjure up to encapsulate Cesaria Evora’s trademark Morna style, the Cape Verdean blues.