Introduced as “a haunting homage to the world of David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti”, Pale Ravine (2005) is the first full-length EP of Norwegian duo Deaf Center on the Type Records label. Inspired by “old silent 8mm film reels, the historical architecture around them and the call of the alluring Norwegian landscape”, Erik K. Skodvin and Otto A. Totland blend collages of assorted noises, field recordings, found objects samples and electronics with floating cello and minimalist piano to generate a superbly dark and cinematic soundscape.

Deaf Center - Pale Ravine (2005)
Deaf Center – Pale Ravine (2005)

In between various collaborations and solo projects (Erik K. Skodvin as himself or aka Svarte Geiner; Otto A. Totland as himself or as Nest), Deaf Center remains active and in 2011, the discreet duo released Owl Splinters, the long-awaited follow-up to “Pale Ravine”, still on the Type Records label.

Majestically standing out on “Pale Ravine” with its slowly cascading piano and dramatic bass line on the cello, “White Lake” is a little atmospheric and ethereal masterpiece, a surreal dance drifting across ambient minimalism, drone and modern classical music.