“Questions and Answers” is another song from Ibrahim Maalouf taken from Wind (2012), his latest release. Once again, the quarter tone trumpet allows the musician to create a lovely hybrid music that spans across several genres:

I have with me an instrument that reflects exactly what I would like to say […] I believe my music is just a combination of everything that I love. I love jazz, I love Arabic music, I love classical music and hip-hop and rock and hard rock music, electronic stuff. All those music are part of what I am.  (Ibrahim Maalouf in Istanbul)

Ibrahim Maalouf Wind
Ibrahim Maalouf – Wind (2012)

“Wind” as the soundtrack to a silent film

Back in 2010, the French Cinémathèque commissioned the musician to compose a soundtrack for “La Proie du Vent” (The Prey of the Wind), a 1927 silent film by René Clair which was about to be re-released. Recorded in one take, Wind is the end result. Such a project of course brings to mind Miles Davis’ score for Louis Malle’s Lift to the Scaffold (1958). But the homage is obvious here as Ibrahim Maalouf dedicated “Wind” to Miles.