Lisa Hannigan is an Irish indie folk singer and songwriter who started her musical career in 2002 as the musical partner of Damien Rice. But since going solo in 2007, she has grown into a very original and successful independent artist. Released on her own label, her first solo album Sea Sew (2008) was literally handmade, with the cover design sewn and stitched by the artist herself.

Lisa Hannigan - Sea Sew (2008)
Lisa Hannigan – Sea Sew (2008)

Recorded over two weeks, “Sea Sew” is an exquisite collection of songs performed with a wide array of unusual instruments (harmonium, xylophone, melodica, glockenspiel along with trumpet violin, cello, upright bass, piano and guitar) causing

“a friend to coin the term “Plink Plonk Rock” to describe Hannigan’s style, sounding like an ambitious Swiss clock with a trouping parade of mechanical figures that meet in the middle at the top of each hour.” (BBC Music Reviews)

Lisa Hannigan - Brussels, Belgium 2012
Lisa Hannigan – Brussels, Belgium 2012

photo credit: Kmeron via photopin cc

The hand-crafted folk music of Lisa Hannigan’s music is much in evidence in a song like “Pisatchio”, a beautiful and subtle melodic gem on Sea Sew.