“Mreyte ya Mreyte” (Mirror oh my mirror) is another track from the Caramel soundtrack (see previous post). Performed by Syrian singer Rasha Rezk, beautifully orchestrated and arranged by Lebanese composer Khaled Mouzanar, it is the final song of the film as the credits roll:

Mirror oh my mirror
I will tell you my story
Tell me who I am […]
No matter how much you change
To my eyes you are still the same

While the lyrics evoke fairytale stories, they could equally apply to the city of Beirut, to whom the film is dedicated. By portraying everyday life in the capital city of Lebanon, Caramel transcends the usual clichés about Middle-Eastern political tribulations. Mreyte ya Mreyte is a haunting tune which concludes the film on a high note.


photo credit: The Girl 78 via photopin cc