Stefano Guzzetti is an Italian pianist, composer and sound designer based in Sardinia. Having studied classical music alongside electronic music, the musician has been equally influenced by JS. Bach, Kraftwerk, Joy Division or the Cure. His work includes piano-based compositions, soundtracks for video games, documentaries or book trailers as well as the notable Waves on Canvas project.

Waves on Canvas: A Dedication

Waves on Canvas - Into the Northsea (2012) - Artwork © Vaughan Oliver
Waves on Canvas – Into the Northsea (2012) – Artwork © Vaughan Oliver

Designed as a tribute to the sound he grew up with and working as an homage to the 4AD collaboration project This Mortal Coil, Stefano Guzzetti’s release Into the Northsea under the Waves on Canvas moniker blends an electronic ambient sound with alternative rock and modern classical music. Released on PsychoNavigation records in 2012, the album also included five songs featuring guest vocalists associated with the renowned label (Louise Rutkowski, Pieter Nooten, Ian Masters etc.)

The ethereal instrumental “A dedication” originally featured on the soundtrack to the 2011 animated short The Spaceman and the Moon by Italian visual artist and illustrator Gabriele Pala (Cagliari, Sardinia).

The Road to You

Maintaining a similar balance between acoustic and electronic music, Stefano Guzzetti’s latest release (At home – Piano Book Volume 1 – Feb. 2014) almost coincides with two other commissions, namely Zoom (Dec. 2013), the (electronic/ambient) soundtrack to a science-based video game and Tutte le storie di Piera (Feb 2014), the soundtrack (piano, violin, cello) to a feature documentary on the life and work of Italian actress Piera Degli Esposti.

Stefano Guzzetti: At home - Piano book Vol.1 (2014)
Stefano Guzzetti: At home – Piano book Vol.1 (2014)

An intimate recording featuring nine compositions, “At home” is the musician’s first record on the solo piano.

Sitting in front of a piano, it’s just your mind connected to those hammered strings, passing through your energy and hands. There is no VST, no synth or controller; most of all, there is no sequencer playing the hardest parts for you. It’s just you, the silence, and the possible music. Stefano Guzzetti interview

Written over a year and meant as a “music diary”, the compositions are quiet and cinematic meditations and songs like “The Road to You” induce an undeniable feeling of …weightlessness.

At home – Piano book Vol.1 was released on the Home Normal record label.