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  • Romano/Sclavis/Texier: Entrave

    Romano/Sclavis/Texier: Entrave

    Between 1990 and 1993, drummer Aldo Romano, clarinet/saxophone player Louis Sclavis and double bass player Henri Texier completed two tours of Central and West Africa organised by the network of cultural centres in Africa. With the objective of reconnecting with the African roots of jazz,…

  • Henri Texier “Azur” Quartet: Indians/Desaparecido

    Henri Texier “Azur” Quartet: Indians/Desaparecido

    “Indians/Desaparecido” is one of these epic jazz compositions: a dramatic introduction followed by a series of arresting choruses. In order of appearance, we have Glen Ferris on trombone, Louis Sclavis on clarinet, Bojan Zulfikarpašić on piano, Henri Texier on double bass and Tony Rabeson on…