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  • Anouar Brahem: Blue Maqams

    Anouar Brahem: Blue Maqams

    The fear of repetition is probably what underpins Anouar Brahem’s entire recording career. “C’est ma hantise” (It’s my worst nightmare) said the Tunisian-born oud player in a recent interview. Since his début for the Munich-based ECM record label in 1991, the musician has performed in solo…

  • Anouar Brahem: Souvenance

    Anouar Brahem: Souvenance

    Since the late 1980s and through an impeccable discography with the Munich-based ECM Record Label, Tunisian oud master Anouar Brahem has been flirting with jazz improvisation, fusion, modern classical or chamber music while recording solo, with small trio or quartet formations. Traditionally an accompanying instrument,…

  • Anouar Brahem: Le Pas du Chat Noir

    Anouar Brahem: Le Pas du Chat Noir

    Introducing Le Pas du Chat Noir (2002), Tunisian oud master and composer Anouar Bahem notes that the music on the record emerged as A tempo passed on to me by the movement of a tree I could see from my window, swaying gently in the breeze. …