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  • Joanna Newsom: Colleen

    Joanna Newsom: Colleen

    A stripped down collection of three tracks featuring two alternate and rearranged versions of older songs (“Crab, Clam, Cockle, Cowrie” and “Cosmia”) and a new composition (“Colleen”), the Joanna Newsom & The Ys Street Band Ep was released in 2007, one year after her orchestral tour de force Ys. Joanna…

  • Joanna Newsom: Emily

    Joanna Newsom: Emily

    Classically trained on the piano and pedal harp, Joanna Newsom is a young independent American singer songwriter whose music is almost impossible to define. Her magnum opus to date is without a doubt her 2006 recording Ys for the Drag City record label. While drawing on…