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  • Slow Moving Clouds: Starfall

    Slow Moving Clouds: Starfall

    Formed in 2014 and based in Dublin, Slow Moving Clouds is a contemporary Irish trio comprised of Kevin Murphy on cello and vocals, Finnish multi-instrumentalist and visual artist Aki on nyckelharpa and Ultan O’Brien (who replaced founding member Danny Diamond in December 2018) on fiddle and…

  • Jean-Louis Matinier & Marco Ambrosini: Inventio

    Jean-Louis Matinier & Marco Ambrosini: Inventio

    Initiated as early as 2008 by ECM Records founder and producer Manfred Eicher, the Jean-Louis Matinier and Marco Ambrosini duo introduces the rare encounter between the accordion, a modern free reed instrument that has been widely adopted by many folk and popular traditions around the world…

  • Susanna Wallumrød: Who by Fire

    Susanna Wallumrød: Who by Fire

    Released in 2011 on the ECM record label, If Grief Could Wait  is a remarkable cross-genre recording featuring indie pop and jazz Norwegian singer Susanna Wallumrød, Swiss Baroque harp player Giovanna Pessi, Italian nyckelharpa (the Swedish keyed fiddle) player Marco Ambrosini and Swiss-based viola de gamba player Jane…