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  • Paddy Mulcahy: How to Disappear

    Paddy Mulcahy: How to Disappear

    Paddy Mulcahy is a Limerick city-based pianist, composer, electronic musician and producer who debuted his career scoring for shorts, documentaries and adverts. Ever since the release of his 2015 EP Tape Sketches, the musician has been steadily delving into a more modern classical, minimalist and…

  • Paddy Mulcahy: The Words She Said

    Paddy Mulcahy: The Words She Said

    Paddy Mulcahy is a Limerick-based pianist and composer who has already scored several feature films, adverts, shorts and documentaries. Formerly known as “Nubus”, the moniker he used for the more electronic side of his music, the musician has been gradually shifting his attention to acoustic…

  • Nubus: Tape Sketches

    Nubus: Tape Sketches

    Based in Limerick city, Ireland, Paddy Mulcahy (aka Nubus) is a young classically trained composer and producer. Having developed a mostly ambient electronica sound to date, the musician has just released Tape Sketches on 1st June 2015 last, his first solo piano EP recorded entirely…