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  • Peter Broderick: All Together Again

    Peter Broderick: All Together Again

    Somewhat like the public letter-writers of the past, American artistic polymath Peter Broderick has adopted a similar role lately as a “public” musician, in addition to his creative work as a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and composer. “Ever since I started releasing records in 2007”, notes…

  • Peter Broderick: Partners

    Peter Broderick: Partners

    American singer songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and composer Peter Broderick is a fascinating and multi-faceted musician. A relentless globe-trotter, the artist thrives on experimentation and collaboration with other artists and musicians. In addition to his own output of LPs, EPs, scores or commissions for several different record…

  • Peter Broderick: Float 2013

    Peter Broderick: Float 2013

    I am open to all styles of music and encourage anyone and everyone to partake in the process of creating music, regardless of their level of technical expertise. My aim is to approach music with a sense of openness and wonder, and to never be…