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  • Yann Tiersen: Eusa

    Yann Tiersen: Eusa

    Probably instigated a year prior to Ólafur Arnalds’ Island Songs project but released around the same time, French multi-instrumentalist and composer Yann Tiersen’s new endeavour also associates heartfelt compositions with places on a small island. Much smaller than Iceland, Ushant (in English), Ouessant (in French)…

  • Yann Tiersen: Summer 78

    Yann Tiersen: Summer 78

    Directed by German film-maker Wolfgang Becker and starring Daniel Brühl (Alex) and Katrin Saß (Christiane), Goodbye Lenin! (2003) chronicles of the life of a Berlin family during the pivotal years of the German reunification in 1989-90 with a great mixture of tragedy, humour and satire.…

  • Yann Tiersen: C’était ici

    Yann Tiersen: C’était ici

    A surprisingly short composition by French musician Yann Tiersen, “C’était ici” is a condensed but flamboyant instrumental piece playing like the introduction to a much longer symphony. The track first appeared on Rue des Cascades (1996), a recording which only met with limited success at…