A distinguished sideman who has already recorded and performed with some of the biggest names in Jazz music (Oscar Peterson, Niels-Henning Örsted Pedersen, Herbie Hancock or Pat Metheny amongst many others), Swedish born guitar player Ulf Wakenius is a highly expressive and soulful musician.

Ever since moving to the German-based record label ACT Music in 2005, the musician has not only begun a very fruitful collaboration with Korean-born singer extraordinaire Youn Sun Nah but also released a string of thematic recordings as a leader. Notes from the Heart (2005) revisits the repertoire of Keith Jarrett while Love is Real (2008) is a superb homage to the late Swedish pianist Esbjörn Svensson.

Ulf Wakenius - Vagabond (2012)
Ulf Wakenius – Vagabond (2012)

As an active touring artist, Ulf Wakenius is a relentless globe trotter and the 11 tracks on Vagabond (2012) sound like musical souvenirs gathered on the road that hint at visits to the Middle and Far East, Spain, France or Brazil. Seamlessly blending original compositions with covers of songs by The Police (a magnificent cover of “Message in a bottle” with Youn Sun Nah), Jim Pepper or Keith Jarrett, Vagabond reunites the guitarist with long-time collaborator Swedish double bass player Lars Danielsson and introduces the accordion playing (and the voice) of Vincent Peirani.

“Bretagne” is an enchanting composition with Ulf Wakenius’ colourful guitar tone soaring over Lars Danielsson and Vincent Peirani’s introduction, the latter immediately responding with an equally gorgeous solo on the accordion.