Zoe Rahman is a highly original jazz pianist and composer with a fantastic touch and an exuberant style which immediately comes across on a piece like “Down to earth”. Having studied classical music and formal jazz, Zoe Rahman’s multicultural background also permeates her music. Born and bred in England, Zoe Rahman only started exploring her Bengali roots (on her father’s side) from the mid-2000s onwards through projects like Where Rivers Meet (2008) where she collaborated with her brother Idris on clarinet and flute.

An Irish grandmother on her mother’s side also explains the inclusion of a surprising take on the traditional Irish jig “The Butlers of Glen Avenue” on her latest album. There is no doubt that this rich musical and cultural heritage, along with an obvious enthusiasm for funk and free jazz (see her contribution to the Jerry Dammer’s Spatial A.K.A Orchestra) have a significant influence on her creative process.

Zoe Rahman - Kindred Spirits (2012)
Zoe Rahman – Kindred Spirits (2012)

Featuring Gene Calderazzo on drums and Alec Dankworth on bass, the energetic “Down to earth” is the opening track from her latest recording Kindred Spirits released in 2012 which also includes contributions from her brother Idris and British jazz legend Courtney Pine.